Learn How to Sing Quickly and Easily

 Hi, Fellow Singers!

This blog is for beginner singers who want great and useful info in their journey to learn how to sing. The info provided here is free and not complicated at all. You can start practising and improve your singing TODAY!

Have you ever wondered:
  • Why are there are so many people who watch singing reality shows (millions) and vote for their favourite singers, but not many people are learning to sing for themselves?
  • Why most people are afraid of people finding out how bad their singing is, when obviously they aren't professionals and just having fun? (people who play basketball for fun don't have this problem)
  • How the voice is the cheapest musical instrument on the planet (FREE!) but nobody bothers to practice on it?
  • Why singing is viewed as something that you either have it or you don't? Is there such a thing as singing because it's FUN?!

There are other weird misconceptions people in general have about singing but these are the more common ones.

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I hope to be able to address these issues and more in the articles in this blog. Whether you want to be a pro, or just doing it for the sheer joy of singing, I wish you good luck in your singing journey!