Sunday, 2 March 2014

How to Sing Properly every time!

When it comes to producing the correct vocal combinations and voice, many people get lost. This is because despite the fact that almost anyone with a voice can sing, it doesn’t necessarily translate to everyone possessing the ability to sing properly and get that standing ovation so commonly given to great singers.

Back to basics

But why is this so? Simply put anyone who wants to be considered a good singer needs and ought to learn how to sing properly. So how can one learn the art of how to sing properly? The following are the basics of singing well:

Breathing exercises for better control

Let us start with breathing exercises as an addition to enabling you to control the pitch of your singing; It also helps with the control of the duration of voice production.

From flexing your facial muscles to letting your breath get in to your jelly button amongst a myriad of breathing exercises, you will come to realize that the more you master the art of breathing deeply and continuously are better placed you will be to produce better quality voices out of their voice boxes as this is a definite way and sure way of how to sing properly.

Sing in a comfortable range

Another rule in singing that will ensure you know how to sing properly is that of finding your range. Most people know what range in singing means and yet rarely pay attention or never quite realize just how much it is important to know the highest and lowest notes they can comfortably sing.

Knowing this enable one to know their abilities, know what they can sing and what they cannot sing.

Record yourself - be your own worst critic

Another valuable tip is that of using a voice recorder when singing along to the songs you are listening to could be a good way to record and listen to yourself sing.

This can be made possible through singing along to your favorite music, music whose words you have mastered, and ensuring that the music’s volume is way lower so that the sound the recorder actually picks up is your voice.

While singing, it is advisable to eloquently articulate your vowels .You can then replay it and assess your voice. If you do this, you can be assured that you will have mastered the art of how to sing properly.

A full breath helps you sing

Another tip on how to sing properly is that of breathing correctly. Great singers will tell you that when they are on stage, they have learnt the art of constantly combining great posture and very good skills in inhaling and exhaling.

Getting a full breath is usually made possible by doing this because not doing so causes the voice quality to be tampered with because as a result it causes your diaphragm to lock and consequently prevents you from breathing in the best way possible.

 Learning how to sing properly requires that you also know the best posture to adopt and aligning yourself in the best way possible.

These tips are guaranteed to give you the best voice to your capability.

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