Sunday, 2 March 2014

Starting a vocal coaching company

A vocal coach is a teacher whose work is to instruct and direct actors, singers or public speakers on how to improve their singing or speaking techniques, how to develop and take care of their voice and how to prepare for performance of their work.

Different types of coaches

The services offered by the vocal coach are termed as vocal coaching. Voice coaching can be done either to an individual or a group of individuals such as a choir or it may be done in a private session or openly in public.

 Some voice coaches will specialize in singing techniques while others specialize in breathing techniques diction or pronunciation.

The profession of voice coaching has existed for as long as music existed and it still remains a lucrative career for the well established coaches. For a person wishing to get into the profession of vocal coaching, he or she needs to be trained.

How vocal coaches are trained

Some coaches are formally trained with academic qualifications such as bachelors or Masters Degrees in Music or degrees in Languages, human Kinetics, posture and breathing techniques. At the same time some vocal coaches do not have formal training and their expertise comes from years of performing or participating in the field. This is so coaches with the coaches in the music industry.

A vocal coaching job is quite competitive in that it has many service providers some of whom are genuine while others provide compromised services. For someone who is interested in becoming a vocal coach, he or she needs to consider several factors:

Firstly what kind of vocal coaching services does one wish to provide? Is it for musician’s actors or public speakers? If it is for singers for example, the person needs to ensure that he or she has the proper qualifications to offer the said services.

This is because the field is competitive is a good factor of gaining competitive advantage. The coach should ensure that he or she is able to teach the students how to master such principles as ‘muscle memory’, a concept resulting in critical body parts producing proper sound amplification and control in a way that produces desirable results.

The coach should be able to teach the learners also about body posture, breathing and other relevant singing techniques.

Vocal coaches need to have good people skills

A person carrying out the voice coaching training needs to be social and able to tolerate and accommodate people of all character. This is because he or she will be dealing with different types of people from various backgrounds and with diverse views.

If one discovers that he or she keeps getting upset and impatient most of the time then most likely vocal coaching is a career they may opt not to pursue. Voice coaching plays such a significant role in our society today.

For instance it results in us being able to listen to good music, enhance communication by helping get proper pronunciation of words, enjoy watching plays and films just to mention but a few. This makes this profession one worthy of pursuit.

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